Hot Pepper is primarily a Handyman service but after 30 years of renovating and cabinetmaking, I can do pretty much anything that requires some trades skill and can be done by one person. From installing a light fixture to installing your kitchen cabinets. Small renovations that include a little plumbing, electrical and/or some custom woodwork are no problem. In general, I will do the jobs that the trades contractors are too busy for.

I prefer not to do

  • Roofing
  • Landscaping
  • Painting
Licenced and Insured

Small Jobs

Installing a light fixture or a new set of taps only takes an hour or two . This would cost roughly $60-$120

Rental/Business Support

Property managers, Air BnB owners, and local businesses need qualified and competent support to keep their investments functional, presentable and available for their clients. Developing a relationship with a reliable handyman can take the worry out of the inevitable repairs that come with property rentals and local businesses.

Medium Jobs

Some jobs require a little designing/planning and a trip to the hardware store for supplies. They can take 1/2 day to a full day or more. An example would be repairing a broken railing on a deck or building shelving in an awkward space. These jobs are in the range of $200-$500 plus supplies.

DIY Support

Want to try to take on a project yourself but need a little help with planning? Perhaps you have started a project and find yourself a little overwhelmed. I can give you the information and support to get you started or keep you moving.

This cedar work solved the problem of low headroom when the door was added to a spare bedroom to give access to a new hot tub deck.

Building Relationships

Hot Pepper Handyman Service is about building relationships. Purchasing a home is the most expensive investment that people can make. It is also a complex system that requires technical skill in order to keep it working efficiently and make improvements that you can be proud of.

Recent Projects

This bathroom is very small. There was hardly any room to move so the vanity was modified and a space saving sink and tap set installed .

The spalted birch shelf in the bathroom is locally sourced wood. 

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